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    Submit to project library

    When you submit a project in Digital Exam, it is automatically uploaded to the Project Library (PURE). Only once you have submitted to Digital Exam, you may fill in additional information in the the Project Library to complete the submission.

    IMPORTANT: The project/thesis is not sent for assessment until this additional information isentered. Therefore, it is important that you begin the submission process well in advance of the deadline.

    Please note that the receipt from Digital Exam is most accurate. The receipt from the Project Library can seem misleading, e.g. if not all authors/group members appear from it. Please check that all authors/group members appear from the receipt in Digital Exam. All information that appears in Digital Exam will be sent to the Project Library.


    the receipt looks like this when everything is done correctly:

    How does it work?

    1. When you have clicked on 'Submit hand-in' in Digital Exam, the receipt "Confirmation of exam submission" is shown.
    2. Click on 'Go to Project Library'
    3. You are now directed to the Digital Project Library where additional information need to be filled in.
    4. The following fields are mandatory:



    - this information is transferred from Digital Exam.

    type of student project

    - choose what AAU campus you are associated with, and what type of project you are submitting


    - select your education/study programme and then your current semester.


    - this information is transferred from Digital Exam. If a group member accepts the group invitation in Digital Exam after the project is submitted to the Project library, the group member will first appear in the Project Library the following day (the Project Library and Digital Exam are synchronized every night.)


    - select your supervisor by searching for AAU employees. If you have an external supervisor, or if the supervisor is not listed, you can manually add them.


    - this information is transferred from Digital Exam.

    Please note that if you are handing in your Bachelor project or Master's thesis, the title you write in Digital Exam is the title that will be printet on your final diploma.


    - enter at least the year.


    - enter the primary language the project is written in. 

    External Collaborator

    - if you have collaborated with an organization or similar you can indicate this here. If the organization is not listed, you can add them.


    - this information is transferred from Digital Exam. This includes the main document and any attachments.

    - your uploaded documents will first be transfered to the Project Library when a passed grade is submitted. Therefore the project will not be visible in the Project Library immediately after the hand-in is completed, but only after a grade is submitted. In the event that the grade is not passed, the documents will not be submitted to the Project Library.


    Additionally, you can fill in optional information. This will help students find your project in the Project Library. This includes:

    • Subtitle
    • Abstract
    • Number of pages
    • Keywords
    • Images



    Notice: The video contains danish content with english instructions.

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    Blank drop-down menus?

    Are all drop-down menus blank, when you wish to submit additional information to the Project Library?

    Change the language of the Project Library to Danish and back to English again - now, the values in the drop-down manus will be visible.