Submit large files

In Digital Exam you can submit large files if your study secretary has allowed this. A file larger than 50MB is considered a 'large file', and has to be uploaded differently than a smaller file.

Please Note

Do not use Internet Explorer 11 to upload large files.


When can i submit a large file?

If your study secretary has allowed upload of large files, you will have this option under Upload hand-in:

Here, you will have an additional upload option for both the main document and attachments. 



If you wish to upload a large file, you need to indicate that your file is not smaller than 50 MB by selecting 'No'. This will activate a new dedicated button for uploading large files:

If you click on this button, you will receive a notice that uploading large files may take a long time, and you are then redirected to the system 'Filesender'.



In Filesender you can either drag and drop your file directly from its folder or find it by choosing 'Select file'. When you have attached your file to Filesender, you can click 'Send' to begin the upload. When the upload is completed in Filesender you will be directed back to Digital Exam where your file will finish processing. When this process is completed, the file will be shown just as a regular file and you can proceed with the hand-in process.