How to use ITX Flex

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    Important information if you are using Mac with Catalina- og Monterey-OS!

    It is important that you follow these instructions and allow ITX Flex to run correctly on your Mac.

    • The first time you use or install ITX Flex, you will be asked to allow the application to record your screen.
    • If you see the warning shown below when the exam begins, it is important that you do not click "Deny". this will prevent ITX Flex from working correctly. This could bring you in violation of Aalborg University's Rules on the monitoring of written on-site exams.

    • Instead, click "Open System Preferences".
      This will open your Security and Privacy settings, where you have to give permission for ITX Flex to take screendumps. Tick the little box in front of ITX Flex.
      It looks like this:

    • If you are unsure of how to enable the required settings or if you doubt whether ITX Flex is working correctly, please contact IT Support at 99402020 or You can also get help at your local helpdesk.
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    Try the ITX Flex demo


    This video has Danish speak and English subtitles. We recommend that you mute the video.

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    Before the exam

    If you’ve never attended an exam using supervision with ITX Flex, we recommend that you try out a demo exam before your actual exam.

    • It only takes 5 minutes
    • It gives you the oppurtunity to try out all the steps in an exam
    • It provides you with the certainty that your computer is ready for the actual exam

    If you experience problems, please seek help form a local ITS helpdesk.

    how to take an itx flex demo exam

    Have you already installed ITX Flex? Skip to step 3.

    1. Click "Login to ITX Flex" here on this site.
    2. Choose the correct installation (Windows or Mac) and follow the installation instructions.

    3. Open the program.
      The program will now check whether everything is set up and ready.

      - If you see one or more red Xs instead of green check marks, you need to react.
      If you need help, contact IT Support at 9940 2020 or your local Servicedesk.
      - If you see three green check marks, your computer is ready and you can click on “Start exam”.

      You are now redirected to a login page.

    4. On the login page, please enter your personal pincode.
      - For the demo exam, the pincode is “H00000”. Enter H00000 and click “Continue>>”.
      - For an actual exam, the pincode is found on the actual exam in the Digital Exam system.

    5. The next step is “Start exam”.
      Here, you can see where on your computer the ”working directory” is placed.
      In addition, the status for download of the exam materials and the exam countdown are displayed.

      The working directory consists of two folders; one for the exam materials/assignment and one for your exam paper. You can edit the placement by clicking “Edit…” and choosing a different folder on your computer. The folders are only available once the exam begins.

    6. When the exam begins, the button “Unlock exam assignment” will be active. Click this button.
      Now, enter the pincode.
      For this demo exam, the pincode is “00000”.
      At an actual exam, the invigilators/exam supervisors present will announce the pincode.

    7. In the next step “Exam in progress”, please click on the link to the placement of the exam assignment to access the demo assignment. Also click on the link to the placement of the exam paper and save a random document here.

      Please notice the red frame at the border of your screen. This means that the ITX Flex monitoring is active.

      When you’re ready to test out submitting the assignment, click the button “Initiate submission”.

    8. In the next step, you have to upload your exam paper.
      Click “Choose”. The system now opens up the folder for the exam paper.

      Choose the document you saved here earlier in step 6.
      Now click “Check out and end the exam”.

      Now, ITX Flex will register the submission of your exam paper and synchronizes with Digital Exam. Once the synchronization is complete, the screen will change and you will receive a confirmation that you have submitted.

      You can close down ITX Flex and now you’re ready to use the system for your actual exam!

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    On the day of the exam

    1. Arrive well in advance – preferably one hour before your exam.
    2. Before you are seated, you must confirm your attendance by registering with an invigilator. If you do not register with an invigilator before the exam, you cannot hand-in your assignment!
    3. Before your exam, you must activate the ITX Flex client. If you have already tested the system before your exam, simply open the program ITX Flex. If you have not installed and tested ITX Flex before the exam, please follow the steps described in the section ‘Before the exam’.
    4. If you can see three green check marks on your screen, you can open your exam in ITX Flex.
    5. Before the exam begins, log in to Digital Exam, click on your exam and find your personal password in the pop-up window (the password is available 45 minutes before the exam begins).

    6. Click [Start the exam] in ITX Flex and enter your personal password from Digital Exam. The monitoring system has now registered your login.
    7. Now select the location of your ‘exam directory’ on your computer. You exam directory should contain two subdirectories; one for your exam materials and one for your response.
    8. When you have selected an exam directory, you’ll be able to locate the two subdirectories on your computer.
      PLEASE NOTE! The subdirectories will not appear until the exam begins.

    9. You are now ready to start your exam.
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    During the exam

    When your exam begins, you’ll gain access to the exam materials via ITX Flex.

    1. Unlock your exam materials in ITX Flex by clicking [Unlock exam assignment] in the bottom left hand corner.
      You’ll need your exam PIN code. Your exam invigilators will have informed you of this PIN code or have made it visible in the room.
    2. You can now begin your exam.
      Remember to set aside time to read the exam materials.
      REMEMBER to save your hand-in in the subdirectory created in your exam directory.
    3. When you have finished your exam, follow the ‘flow’ in ITX Flex.
      REMEMBER to upload and confirm your hand-in. You can only submit your hand-in once. If you discover an error in your hand-in and need to gain access to it after having submitted it, you must contact an invigilator.

      Please note that ITX Flex must be open when you confirm your final hand-in.
    4. When you have confirmed your exam in Digital Exam, you’ll be able to see your submission receipt. If you receipt includes ‘hand-in received’, you have submitted your hand-in correctly and have completed your exam:

      If you have submitted your hand-in past the deadline, this will appear on your submission receipt and you must apply for exemption. Contact your programme secretary.
    5. When you have submitted your hand-in in Digital Exam, it’ll take a moment before ITX Flex registers your submission. If you don’t close the program, it will automatically close 15 minutes after the end of the exam.
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    After the exam

    • You can always log in to Digital Exam to see your submission receipt.
    • By selecting your exam, you can view the data registered during your exam.